Black Luxury Toque


SLAE Toques are made with a smooth satin interior and glossy attractive finish.

This customized satin design reduces hair frizz, breakage, and excessive dryness, while sealing in moisture, sheen, AND smiles!

Our “Luxury Toque” is topped with the fullness and softness of a real fur pom-pom. It’s fluffy and luxurious appeal lends a warm and classy winter look, suitable for all fall and winter-like attire and occasions. The fur pom-pom is detachable to maximize longevity and care. The toque material is thick, stretchy, and ribbed for warmth.
This is a toque you can’t resist, your wardrobe and hair won’t be sorry!

One size fits all, unisex, detachable pom-pom, black only


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