Satin Lined Apparel & Essentials

Where Hair Care & Fashion Are One

About Us

Satin Lined Apparel & Essentials Inc.(SLAÉ) is a satin lined hat & accessory company. We specialize in diversifying the everyday hat through protective & luxurious satin linings.

We are a Canadian owned and incorporated brand, offering custom made inventory designed with your diversity and versatility in mind.

We value the individuality that each person brings and it is our goal for our products to meet your measure.

Our Philosophy

Let’s face it, when your hair is happy and thriving at it’s best, it is an exceptional feeling! Our hair is an extension of our body and often a reflection of both our inner and outer self. We believe that through healthy hair practices and routines, we therefore embody self-care, and love for the whole self.

Whether you choose to style your hair naturally or in a protective style, our satin hair apparel will promote longevity in neatness, moisture, and overall comfortability on your scalp.

Choosing SLAÉ ultimately means investing in your tresses, and your crown. Consider it an investment that saves you on money, energy, and time. When you treasure your tresses with SLAÉ you make a conscious decision to engage in conscious hair apparel that engulfs your tresses with a luxurious, silky, satin infused, smooth, gentle-on-your tresses, kind of hair love. 

Why Satin?
Satin is our Superpower

Satin is a moisture retaining fabric that works wonders in locking in the natural oils of your hair. This is critical in maintaining your hair’s natural ability to self soothe and self nourish. When satin is used as a barrier between your hair and other harsh fabrics, the results will be protection, luster and shine.