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SLAÉ Your Day!

We are a Canadian owned and incorporated company offering custom made inventory designed with your diversity and versatility in mind. We value the individuality that each person brings and it is our goal for our products to meet your measure.

Our Mission

Hair Care is Self Care

 Choosing to invest in SLAÉ is making a conscious decision to aid and prolong the longevity of your flourishing hair and hair designs, whether in a protective or natural style. This makes your SLAÉ investment a hair investment, saving on money, energy and time.

Where Hair Care & Fashion Are One!

Our Designs

Satin Lined Apparel
& Essentials

  • The purpose of our brand is to modernize and diversify traditional hats and head wear.
  • To promote ‘hair care as self care’ through natural and healthy hair care solutions.
  • To eliminate that long existing compromise between healthy hair and style.

Our Fabric

Why Satin?

Satin is a moisture retaining fabric that works wonders in locking in the natural oils of your hair. This is critical in maintaining your hair’s natural ability to self soothe and self nourish. When satin is used as a barrier between your hair and other harsh fabrics, the results will be protection, luster, and shine.

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