About The Owner

Her Story

Jamila Brown is the entrepreneur and CEO of  SLAÉ. 
Her Roots
Raised in the West Indian culture, Jamila routinely observed her female elders use satin head scarves and satin night caps to maintain the neatness of their hair while they slept.
In her world, satin head wraps and scarves has always been a generational, traditional, and cultural sentiment that has worked effectively night after night.  
While hair care enthusiasts both then and now focused on utilizing satin hair coverings as a protective night guard, Jamila envisioned more.
Deeply inspired by her upbringing, her children’s curls, and her own hair transformation journey, she decided to build a brand that was intentional in supporting the maintenance of textured hair, with an emphasis on recognizing and accessing satin hair care not just as a night concept, but as concept that can be integrated into the day as well.
Her Motivation
The daily investment of time, energy, and product, was no simple task when it came to styling and maintaining her children’s hair. Although sculpting and styling the most perfect of curls was always a pleasurable and proud moment, frustration and disappointment grew when her children would return home with their hair in the opposite state in which she styled it, accompanied with complaints of itchy and irritated scalps.
Once perfectly defined, hydrated, and cared for curls, were now extremely dry, frizzy, and brittle. 
Relatably, Jamila encountered the same challenges with her hair and scalp, thus igniting  her entrepreneurial flame.
It is through these experiences that SLAÉ came to be with her first satin lined hat, The SLAÉ Toque.